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Webinar Recap: “What to Really Expect When Hosting an International Student”
June 7, 2017
On Wednesday, June 7, 2017, Cambridge Network hosted an informative webinar for prospective host families titled “What to Really Expect When Hosting an International Student.” Hosted by Cambridge... Read more
international student cambridge network
“What to Really Expect When Hosting an International Student” Webinar Announcement
May 17, 2017
Not quite sure what to expect when hosting an international student? How do you know if you’re prepared for their arrival? Are you looking for advice from more experienced host families? On... Read more
Helping your International Student Overcome Differences in East Asian and U.S. Education Systems
January 5, 2017
Education systems and learning styles vary across regions, countries, and cultures. The United States has a very different education system than countries in East Asia, like China, Korea, and... Read more
Recognizing and Overcoming Culture Shock with your International Student
September 16, 2016
Studying in a different country is incredibly challenging for a myriad of reasons, including being immersed in a completely new and foreignculture for the first time. Your international student will... Read more

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