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Why Gphomestay?

Gphomestay has a mission of matching eager international and study abroad students with supportive American homestay families. Studying abroad with gphomestay means that you will have a home, family, and ongoing support services by your side during your educational journey in the US. As a host family, joining the gphomestay family provides you with access to comprehensive homestay support throughout your time hosting a student. Schools partner with gphomestay to provide high-quality host families to their international students while maintaining their primary focus of educating students. Study abroad students, host families, and schools all benefit from our homestay services.

Why Homestays for Study Abroad Students?

At gphomestay, we believe that studying abroad is improved by the homestay experience. There are numerous benefits to staying with a homestay family during your time studying abroad.

Perhaps the strongest benefit is the true cultural immersion and the American lifestyle experience provided by living with a host. While international students and exchange students living on their own will learn in American schools, they will not receive first-hand knowledge of US culture that comes living with an American host family.

In addition to this enhanced cultural education, an American homestay provides the warmth and comfort of a true home while studying abroad. Most students need this comfort while adapting to the culture of living in a new country for the first time. The presence of a supportive family that students can talk, eat, and explore with, can certainly reduce the initial stress of studying abroad. Gphomestay’s support services further enhance this level of comfort by providing English language training, access to group activities, and regular check-ins. When students have the support of their host family and the entire gphomestay family, they are more likely to have a positive cross-cultural experience while studying abroad.

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“Since [our international student] Joanna has been here, we have more family dinners. Our family of four has moved nicely into a family of five.”

– Francesca Donlan, Host Mom (Fort Myers, FL)

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