Switching Roles – Host Family Visits their International Students in China
February 23, 2017
On Christmas Day of 2016, Laura O’Connor and her family arrived in China to begin their spectacular two-week journey lead by their international students for the past three years. Laura, a teacher... Read more
February Traditions to Celebrate with Your International Students
February 16, 2017
February, the shortest month of the year, can arguably be described as the month most jam packed with holidays, traditions, festivals, and observances. Marking these dates on your calendar can... Read more
Three Things to Expect From Your International Student
February 8, 2017
Another spring semester just kicked off. How’s it going with you and your international students? Whether you’re getting to know the new faces that came all the way across the ocean, or catching... Read more
Announcing Our Holiday Photo Contest Winners!
January 31, 2017
We recently hosted a Holiday Photo contest and are blown away with the submissions! We received over sixty photos of families celebrating the holidays with their international students. Helping your... Read more
Gphomestay Becomes Cambridge Network
January 26, 2017
We’re excited to announce an exciting change to our company: All core products and services that we’ve provided under the gphomestay name will now be under the Cambridge Network name. This change... Read more


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