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Finding a host family for student accommodation can be a difficult task without expert support. International students and foreign exchange students who plan to study abroad in the United States need to find accommodations that fulfill all the needs associated with studying in a new country. The right homestay needs to be near the school where the student is studying, but more importantly, the host family needs to be the right fit for the student to have the best possible American experience. Gphomestay is the trusted choice for finding a host family for students.

Finding the Host Family For You

Gphomestay matches you with a committed American host family in your school’s community. All of our host families are thoroughly screened by our trained staff to ensure that they are positioned to support your American experience. Every potential host family is screened first by our application process and then by a phone screen. Once a host family has completed both an application and phone screen, a gphomestay staff member visits the home for a brief tour and an in-person interview. Criminal background checks are conducted for all adult members of potential host families as well. Host families are officially offered membership into the gphomestay family only after passing through this full screening process. Our detailed screening process allows students and their families to comfortably transition into their study abroad experience knowing that their new host family has been carefully screened and selected. Our goal is to find host families that provide the best possible American experience for students. At gphomestay, we understand that your American experience is about so much more than the classes you take. It’s about the places you visit, the foods you try and the lifelong friendships you make. Make your experience unforgettable by living with a gphomestay host family!

More Than Finding a Host Family

In addition to finding a host family for students, gphomestay is also proud to offer many other homestay support services including airport pickup, multilingual on-call support, access to organized group activities in the student’s community, and additional academic support or English language training. We also provide orientation and in-person training to guide international students & exchange students on how to live with an American host family. This training extends to the host family as well, to help the family make the best experience for the student. As part of our support services, we also follow up with monthly check-ins with both the student and host family separately. The student’s natural parents can stay up-to-date on how their child is doing with regular residential reports that are translated to keep them updated. These support services are all to provide our students with the best cross-cultural experience possible.


Finally, we are pleased to note that The Council on Standards for International Travel (CSIET), the preeminent organization for establishing standards for international programs at the high school level, has approved gphomestay as an educational services company. This recognition serves to validate gphomestay’s commitment to providing a safe and accommodating homestay.


To find a host family for student accommodation now, simply fill out our short student inquiry form. You can then expect to receive a call from a gphomestay placement expert, who will help you select your host family. The final step is to begin your American adventure! If you want more information on the gphomestay experience, read our exceptional reviews of host and student experiences.



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