Cambridge Network Held In Country Orientations in China and South Korea
August 30, 2017
Last month, Cambridge Network held its 2017 ICO (In-Country Orientation) in three cities in China and one in South Korea; the two-day events took place in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and... Read more
(Don’t be Afraid to) Learn and Shine – 9 Questions for 2017 Graduate Icy
July 5, 2017
Icy Rongbin Shen is a member of Foxborough High School's Class of 2017. Originally from Shenzhen, Canton in China, Icy came to the United States two years ago as an exchange student in... Read more
international student cambridge network
Reverse Culture Shock: How to Prepare International Students for U.S. Departure
April 26, 2017
It’s been a great school year, and an amazing experience getting to know your international students. Now, it’s time for them to start preparing for the long journey back home which can prove to... Read more
international student cambridge network
Benefits International Students Gain from Playing an Instrument
April 5, 2017
International students will undoubtedly have to overcome some language barriers when they arrive to study in the U.S. They will be able to seek help and practice their language proficiency through... Read more
Communicate International Students Cambridge Network
9 Tips for Communicating with Your International Student
March 22, 2017
When your international students arrive in the U.S, it is likely that they will initially have trouble communicating since they have not had much practice with the English language. Without the... Read more

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