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Our Student Exchange Program Support Services

At gphomestay, we are devoted to providing our customers and partners the best support services possible and the ultimate cross-cultural experience.

Whether you are a student looking for a welcoming American host family, a host seeking a meaningful cross-cultural experience or a school striving to launch or enhance your international student residential program, gphomestay is here to help!

Here are a few of the many services we provide:

Our exchange program support services are designed to support all aspects of the study abroad experience. We support both international students, who are typically in the United States for a full academic year through an F1 Visa, as well as foreign exchange students, who are typically in the United States for a shorter time period on a J1 Visa. Our support services are equally focused on supporting our host families, and school partners as well.

Student Support

 International students and foreign exchange students benefit from our services through access to a full range of resources to simplify and enrich their experience. A successful international student experience is about more than the educational coursework; it is about the inspiring locations that you visit, the new foods that you taste, and the lifelong relationships that you build. Gphomestay ensures that our international and foreign exchange students have the support they need to fully experience their time studying in the United States. Gphomestay matches students with committed, thoroughly-screened American host families and is also proud to offer program support including airport pickup, English language training, access to organized group activities, and more. From initial orientation support, to regular monthly check-ins and on-call support services, gphomestay is continuously available to support the valuable cross-cultural experiences of our students.

Host Family Support

Host families benefit from our support services through access to our multilingual and multicultural support staff that facilitates communication, training, and support throughout the hosting journey. Hosting is a life altering experience that will bring you and your family new cultural insight from a life-long friend. We know that hosts are the foundation of the gphomestay family, so we are proud to provide all of the support that your family and student need to thrive. Gphomestay offers comprehensive host family support to prepare you for student arrival, and continues to support your host family through your local gphomestay Support Services Coordinator. This trained staff member will provide personalized support through in-person and on call check-ins, organization of exciting events and activities, and availability to answer all of your host family questions. In addition, we provide student exchange program support in the form of a monthly stipend to host families to offset the costs of hosting an international student.

School Support

Schools benefit from our exchange program support services by placing their students in the trusted hands of our international student and homestay experts. Since 2011, gphomestay has located and recruited host families that reside within partner school communities. Our school partners can be confident that their students will be living with a carefully screened and selected host family. To make certain of clear communication, gphomestay also provides live phone translation between host families, school officials, and the parents of international students. Additionally, we assist our partner schools by developing and managing international student boarding facilities or dormitories Choosing to partner with gphomestay allows schools to provide high-quality host families while maintaining their primary focus of educating students.


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What we do

  • Orientation on hosting international students
  • Support services in case of emergency situations
  • Community events to encourage host families to network
  • Monthly check-ins with a local gphomestay staff member
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